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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Puzzles With Answers For Campus Placement - Part-9 | Infosys Puzzles With Answers- Part-12

1. A Lorry Starts From Banglore To Mysore At 6.00 Am, 7.00 Am, 8.00 Am.....10 Pm. Similarly on another side starts from Mysore to Banglore at 6.00 Am, 7.00 Am, 8.00 Am.....10.00 Pm. A Lorry Takes 9 Hours To Travel From Banglore To Mysore And Vice Versa.
(I) A Lorry Which Has Started At 6.00 Am Will Cross How Many Lorries.
Answer: 17.
(II) A Lorry Which Had Started At 6.00 Pm Will Cross How Many Lorries.
Answer: 13.

2. A Person Meets A Train At A Railway Station Coming Daily At A Particular Time . One Day He Is Late By 25 Minutes, And He Meets The Train 5 K.M. Before The Station. If His Speed Is 12 Kmph, What Is The Speed Of The Train.
Answer: 60 Kmph. Refer--Shakuntala Devi Book.

3. A Thief Steals Half the Total No of Loaves of Bread Plus 1/2 Loaf from A Bakery. A Second Thief Steals Half the Remaining No of Loaves Plus 1/2 Loaf And So On. After The 5th Thief Has Stolen There Are No More Loaves Left In The Bakery. What Was The Total No Of Loaves Did The Bakery Have At The Beginning.
Answer: 30.

5. From A Vessel, 1/3rd Of The Liquid Evaporates On The First Day. On The Second Day 3/4th Of The Remaining Liquid Evaporates. What Fraction Of The Volume Is Present At The End Of The Second Day.
Answer: 25%.

6. There Is A 4 Inch Cube Painted On All Sides. This Is Cut Down Into Of 1 Inch Cubes. What Is The No Of Cubes Which Have No Pointed Sides?
Answer: 8.

7. Sam And Mala Have A Conversation. Sam Says I Am Certainly Not Over 40. Mala Says I Am 38 And You Are Atleast 5 Years Older Than Me. Now, Sam Says You Are Atleast 39. All The Statements By The Two Are False. How Old Are They Really?
Answer: Mala = 38 Yrs; Sam = 41 Yrs.

8. In A Railway Station, There Are Two Trains Going. One in the Harbour Line and One in the Main Line, Each Having a Frequency of 10 Minutes. The Main Line Service Starts At 5 O'clock And The Harbour Line Starts At 5.02 AM A Man Goes To The Station Every Day To Catch The First Train That Comes. What Is The Probability Of The Man Catching The First Train?
Answer: 0.8.

9. A Family X Went For A Vacation. Unfortunately It Rained For 13 Days When They Were There. But Whenever It Rained In The Mornings, They Had Clear Afternoons And Vice Versa. In All They Enjoyed 11 Mornings And 12 Afternoons. How Many Days Did They Stay There Totally?
Answer: 23 Days.

10. Olympic Race: 4 Contestants: Alan, Charlie, Darren, And Brain. There Are Two Races And Average Is Taken To Decide The Winner. One Person Comes At The Same Position In Both The Race. Charlie Always Come Before Darren. Brian Comes First Once. Alan Comes Third Atleast Once. Find The Positions. Alan Never Comes Last. Charlie & Darren Comes 2nd Atleast Once.
Answer: Alan 3, 3; Charlie 1,2 ; Darren 2,4; Brain 1, 4;
So on Average the winners are as follows: 1-Charlie; 2-Brain; 3-Alan & Darren


Ashish Ranjan said...

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Thank You all

Victor said...

hello...first of all really a nice collection. friend I tried to solve some of these and found different answers, may be I am wrong.

2) data inconsistent
5) 16.67%
7) mala=37 sam=41
9) 18 days

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